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Do you ever dream of a get away place where there are no car horns blowing, no sirens.....just a few
friendly folks that you hardly see unless you are looking for them or are in need of help?  Well, Lake Phelps may just be the place you are desiring.  Lake Phelps is a large natural rain fed shallow lake
located in Washington County North Carolina and is the home of many freshwater fish including
Largemouth bass, bluegill, and various other sunfish.  Deer, bear, upland bird, turkey, and wildfowl hunting can be arranged in the appropriate season.  Organized hunts are provided by Conman Hunting. 

Lake Phelps pictures taken during the 2005 season
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Sunrise on Phelps

Early morning sun

Fishing the grass

Fishing from boat

Punkin'seed robin

Water sports




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