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I grew up in the 1950's, a time of great stability of the economy and a simple way of life.
These were the kind times, and folks were friendly.  People listened to the radio, went to the movies, or just sat on the porch and talked.  Sunday was a time for church and afternoon visiting.  In spring you could smell the honeysuckle aroma drifting in the air, watch fireflies at dusk, and maybe catch a few and put them in a jar with holes punched in the top and put them beside your bed to flicker soft green light as you drifted off to sleep.  You never heard of anyone or businesses being burglarized.  Homefolks slept with their doors open and the windows up in the warm months.  Most people were respectful of other's property and rights.  Paychecks were small, but things were very inexpensive as well.  Tobacco was king in North Carolina, and sun up to sun down were the normal working hours.  A $40 weekly salary was adequate for a family of four, and a trip to the doctor cost less than $5.  Times were simple and this web site will attempt to reflect those kinder, gentler times while realizing that life moves on and things change, hopefully for the best.  By clicking on the web page buttons above, you will be taken to various areas covering outdoor activities such as fishing, water sports, quail hunting, reunion pictures, nature photos and various other scenes in and around North Carolina.  Please enjoy your visit and return often.

Pictures taken at the 2008 Alumni Banquet and the 1958 50th class reunion.
Added 2 more reunion pictures 5/17/2008.....thanks Jerry & Jean!
Added 13 more reunion pictures 7/24/08......thanks to Ray for these pictures!

Monthly editorial from Carroll:

March 4, 2015

Winter weather is just about over, thank goodness!  The days are getting longer and soon
leaves will begin appearing on the trees, robins are already in the yards signaling spring is
on the way.  What a glorious time of the year coming up.

Freshwater fishing report:
Spring is approaching and it will be time soon for the annual shad run in the various rivers in this
area.  The stripped bass will be moving up the Roanoke and other rivers as well.
The largemouth bass will be moving into the shallows to spawn as is usual this time of
year. Warm weather will soon be here, horay!

Saltwater fishing report
Reports of flounder, red drum and speckled trout are being caught in the inshore creeks and
rivers.  Some folks are gigging flounder almost every night that the weather allows.  Bluefish will
soon be in the inlets near the ocean and plenty hungry.  Pier fishing has improved over the past
week with puffers and a few sea mullets being caught.

Interested in fishing pictures?  Click HERE  to view the Fishing Photos gallery.  Click on a picture to
enlarge, then you can select album functions for the remaining images.  Close the Photo browser
page to return to this screen.  Check out  NCAngler if you are interested in fishing, it is FREE to join.
Many different fishermen types are always available willing to give suggestions to your fishing inquiries
about tackle, fishing locations and other information.  Use your browser "Back" key to return to
this page.


Street's Ferry, known as a cable ferry crossing the Neuse River from the New Bern side, to the Vanceboro side. This picture was taken in the 1950's. Please note that the present Weyerhaeuser plant is located about 400 yards to the slight left of the house which no longer stands.  A bridge now takes the place of the old ferry, the old dirt road is paved and is now NC Highway 43.
The cardinal, state bird of North Carolina,
 photo courtesy of


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