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Note:  It is a great regret to report that Alligator Road Quail Plantation has ceased normal
operations and will remain so until further notice.   This web page will remain as is for the
foreseeable future so that it can be viewed by interested parties.

Travis    Matt       Lou

The Alligator Quail Hunting Preserve is located approximately 1 1/2
miles east of Vanceboro NC on more than 400 acres of pristine pine
hunting woods.  The preserve is manicured by Mr. Lou Powell and his
two sons, Travis and Matt.  These woodlands remind one of the type
that existed in the 50's and 60's when forests were cleared yearly by
by selective burning and cleaning.  Grass and good undercover that is
preferred by quail and other small game animals were abundant. This preserve is a private entity with membership acquired by invitation. The preserve hunting season begins in October and concludes at the end of March the following year in accordance with the laws of North Carolina. Saturday is the primary hunting day of the week, but arrangements can be made for those members desiring to hunt on weekdays.

Around 12pm each Saturday during the season, Lou, Travis, and Matt arrange for a bean or chili feast for the hunters desiring a brief lunch break.  At that time the hunters gather around the table to discuss the morning hunt and how the dogs worked and how fast the quail flushed.  Once a year in October, there is a cookout for members and guests and the menu is usually seafood.  New and renew memberships are considered at that time, and skeet shooting to get ready for the season is enjoyed by the participants.

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Buck sees the bird

...3 dog point

Buck on solid point

..Grace on point

Discussing the hunt

..Lisa & Dr. Chris

..Lou shows Buck

..Grace in training

...Jim & Jimmy

John watches skeet

Time for a lunch break

Hey, the birds are here!

Ok guys, time to shoot

Waiting for another flush

Randy, Travis & birds

Matt, Randy get ready

Randy, Matt & birds

Clement eyes the dogs

Perry & Clement

Perry is alert and ready

Perry & Clement ready to fire

Mr. O.C. on the move


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