Mitchell family

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These are the members of the Mitchell family from the Arba community near Snow Hill, NC. Etheldred Mitchell was married to Emma Hill Mitchell and their children were Ada, Agnes, Ruth, Pearl, Verdie, Trudy, Dan and Jasper.  Jasper passed away before his teen years.  Dan died as a result of injuries during WW1.  Pearl was married to Joe Gray.  Later Ruth married David Askew, Agnes married Lebern Spence.  Ada Mitchell Barrow married Passmore Barrow.  More information will be added or corrected as other details are learned.

Ruth was my grandmother, born in 1880.  Her children were: Virginia, Emma Mae, David, Ruby, Norma(my mother) & Roscoe.  There were many happy days spent at that farm just outside of Snow Hill, NC.  For several years in my elementary and high school years I spent summers there working in tobacco with other family members and learning what hard work was.  It helped me appreciate how our farmers contribute to our economy.  My grandmother, "Mammy Ruth" was a great cook, especially the June apple and peach pies she made in large metal pans.  After a hardy lunch of string beans, potatoes and perhaps fried chicken we could always look forward to one of her great desserts.  She passed away in 1971 at age 90.

Important note:  Ms. Tamara Schmidt of California called me on 12/08/08 and we had a great conversation regarding the Mitchell family.  It seems that she and I are probably related though sibling relation to Etheldred Mitchell.  She was kind enough to pass along additional information that I had not heard before.  Thanks Tamara!!  You have my contact information and please feel free to pass along any other information you feel is appropriate.