Annual Cookout

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On October 1, 2005 Lou, Laura, Travis and Matt with the help of Lou's brother Mac
invited members and guests to the annual Alligator Quail Hunting Preserve feast.  The chief cook was Mr. Joe Wade who really knows his business when it comes to cooking seafood.  This year's menu consisted of fish, two kinds of bread; hushpuppies and Mexican cornbread.  There were all kinds of "munchies" available also.....roasted peanuts, brownies, chocolate chip cookies and lemon squares prepared by Lou's wife Laura.  In addition there was plenty of sweetened and unsweetened iced tea to quench the mightiest thirst.  There was skeet shooting and clay rabbit targets for the members to shoot.  The event started around 12 noon and continued to 4pm.  Below are some of the photos taken today.  We will try to include more as we gather other shots made during the day.

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Joe Wade cooks fish

Joe & Matt-more fish

Fish cooking away

Matt prepares food

Matt & Mac focus in

Honored guests, Miss Stewart & Mr OC

Anna and #1 daughter


Bobby gets ready

Group gathering

Mac on the move


Taylor and Billy

Tom, Lou & Joe

Travis cuts up

John gets ready

Carroll waits to shoot

Ready, aim, Fire!!!

Matt is on the move

Friends for a long time

2006 Annual Cookout at Alligator Road Hunting Preserve

Below are photos taken October 7, 2006 at the latest Cookout
The day started out cloudy, but the sun broke through later.  There
were many old friends as well as new comers to see how things had
changed from last year.  As usual Laura, Lou's lovely wife went over
and above the call of duty to fix up all kinds of goodies like last
year's successful cookout.  Several folks brought sweet rolls and other
goodies to help out with the deserts.  Lou spread out roasted peanuts
and started a fire in his "oil drum" heater to help make us comfortable.

Travis gets ready

Mac ready to cook

Chicken wings fry

Lou and Pete chat

Hunter's parking lot

John & Pete chat

Keith talks hunting

John & Carroll chat

Keith and group


Mac & Buddy

Time for skeet

Travis launches bird


Keith & skeet bird


2007 Annual Cookout at Alligator Road Hunting Preserve
(New pictures will be posted soon)